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You are likely familiar with comparing sun signs to determine compatibility. It can be much more revealing to compare Venus signs in romantic relationships! Find out your position of Venus by sign here. Keep in mind that you can use these compatibility interpretations for Sun Signs as well! If your Venus is in Aries: When your Venus is in Aries, you are direct and upfront about what you want. You tend to prefer being the one to pursue a love interest. Your love nature is Mars-ruled, which gives energy, and a level of competitiveness, to your social and romantic nature. When you want something or someone , you want it now!


But if the Aries man in love discovers this dynamic, he may lock horns with the Aries woman to gain true dominance. Ruled by the planet Mars, the couple can find themselves at war with each other over the slightest infraction. When the Aries woman and Aries man are dating, if they can find a balance in their relationship, allowing the man to win sometimes and the woman to win others, the reward is extremely satisfying.

The initial dating period can be exciting, with Libra really shining in the Aries high beams. Aries will appear % committed, and that’s attractive to Libra. Aries will appear % committed, and that’s attractive to Libra.

There are 0 comments permalink Know, Love, or Are an Aries? Get the inside scoop on relationship compatibility and connection! Aries is represented by the Ram. It is a sign full of positivity, robustness and physical might. Here is a brief idea about how Arians connect in relationships with other signs. Aries – Aries This relationship is bang-on. The connection is healthy and energetic. You both would do well to accept constructive criticism. And do not compete too much with each other; two rams locking horns is not a good idea!

Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Comfort craving, nurturing Cancer gets scorched by the Ram. Cancer understands your insecurities Jenn: This match is not a match made in heaven. The domesticated and shy Cancer will have a hard time taming your enthusiastic ways.

Aries Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility By Bee Wolf-Ray Professional Astrologer The connection between a cardinal fire Aries man and a mutable earth Virgo woman can strike a .

These two are always competing, which can make for quite a challenging love match. An Aries-Aries relationship is like looking into a mirror: At times, however, they can be possessive and turn into two Rams butting heads. They have to learn not to compete with one another so much. If they can do so, their partnership can be extremely powerful. An Aries-Aries love match is a meeting of two strong spirits; generally, the relationship is positive and enthusiastic.

They love to try new things — often extreme sports or some other intense activity. Solving the inevitable problems of a close relationship can be tough due to the two egos constantly clashing. They must learn to work together. Since both partners like things to go their way, they must make a conscious effort not to be selfish. Aries also has a natural generosity, however, so two Aries together can certainly learn to take turns indulging each other.

Aries is very open with their feelings; totally straightforward, two Aries will never have problems with deceit or hypocrisy. Both partners will have trouble with temper outbursts that result from hasty judgments.

Compatibility Aries and Capricorn

Both being fierce fighters of the first order, Scorpio and Aries have a lot more in common than might at first appear. Their main differences lie in their contrasting battle styles, with Scorpio taking the slow burn approach, while Aries goes for a quick kill. True, a fundamentally different approach to life — open, direct and spontaneous in the case of Aries — secretive and highly controlled in the case of Scorpio — can give rise to some big disagreements and a lot of mutual criticism.

In a long-term relationship, the Ram’s compulsive need for personal freedom can sit uncomfortably with Scorpio’s controlling tendencies, while to bright and breezy Aries, the Scorpion’s brooding intensity can be a huge pain in the ass. But Scorpio and Aries also have quite a lot in common. Both being ruled by the planet Mars, they are linked by their shared courage and fighting spirit.

In reality there is no % typical Aries relationship, as every Aries is slightly different. The positions of Venus, Mars, Neptune, and all the other planets at the time of birth all influence personality. The most compatible signs with Aries are generally considered to be Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Taurus people love the outward nature of Aries and Aries people love the earthiness of Taurus. Sometimes these qualities that they like in each other, can turn to dislike as the relationship progresses. Having said that, this is a combination that is known to last. Taurus people are homebodies and very dependable. These are two aspects of Taurus that Aries really appreciates.

This can lead to some problems as far as the love compatibility. Each one of the duo has to respect the viewpoint of the other. If this balance is achieved, both the sun signs can beautifully complement each other. Taurus can give stability and dedication to the impulsiveness of an Aries and Aries can help in bringing some more excitement in the life of a quiet Taurus.

Although, an Aries individual may sometimes become annoyed with the seriousness of a Taurean. The relationship may face a little time problem too. Aries likes to get things done yesterday, while Taurus always plans for the future.

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Share 5 Shares Aries is the leader or the first sign of the Zodiac; therefore, it has a tendency to lead in all things. Under the influence of Aries Personality Traits , people who lie in this sign can consider as fearless and courageous warriors. They love to thrive on challenge and be the first one to accomplish something new. Aries has different strong and weak points when combining with different sun signs.

Relationship between Aries and Capricorn is a reflection of their unconscious needs to accept what annoys them most. They need tons of respect and patience to overcome the difficulties of their shared stubbornness and the tendency to cross each other’s boundaries.

It’s important to note however that individual relationships vary enormously. This is a summarized picture, a real compatibility reading is needed to judge a real relationship. It’s also worth noting that Soulmates can be found in any sun sign match, even those which are statistically likely to have low compatibility. Aries and Aries Relationships There’s a very high chance this will be an explosive love-hate relationship, and unlike most other sign matches it can actually be a good thing.

You’re both very independent and impulsive, and you both love a good fight. Whether you admit it to yourself or not, you also enjoy a little chaos and instability in your life. You also grudgingly respect an aggressive sparring partner!

Aries And Capricorn

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Least Compatible with: The Sagittarius will teach Aries art and literature, and help Aries in the study of foreign language. You are supposed to be a pair of happy lovers. Since you can appreciate the charm and intention of each other, you will have an energetic relationship. If you share the same likes and dislikes, you will be more likely to get married. Although you share same likes and dislikes, both of you are headstrong and stubborn and tend to not make mutual concessions; a conflict between you may lead to a serious problem and cool down the long love relationship.

Aries and Aries marriage compatibility Compromise, compromise compromise and give each other space. Aries and Aries do make formidable couples in the marriage department – if everything is on a trajectory upwards – but when life throws them a couple of .

Your Aries believes that every relationship holds within it the promise of wonder and enchantment, and they tend to innocently approach each one with a degree of blind faith. An Aries will almost always extend their trust gladly: By the time the Aries has reached adulthood, they’ve probably been victimized by this kind of disappointment more than once, so don’t say one thing and do another if you want to maintain your friendship with them.

They have the strength to bounce back, so if your Aries recounts a past hurt, and says that they’ve moved on, they are telling the truth. Strong needs Not only are Aries’ physical needs for closeness and caring strong, but their emotional needs are too. It’s almost as if an Aries person demands love; even in casual social situations they hate being ignored.

Aries & Pisces: Love Compatibility

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