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Prison camp chess sets by Thomas Thomsen Collectors News Every now and then, I find a news item, an odd sale on ebay, or some other snippet which strikes me as interesting, and which I would like to share with visitors to the Museum. And I have a request to visitors: I would like to make this website at bit more interactive, as far as the format permits, and that involves a give and take from users and visitors as well. So, folks – lets waltz – if You find any news item of Your own, please forward, preferably with photos in jpg format, for publishing – with due mention of the provider, of course! Russian Chess House runs Christmas auction on ebay ending Dec. Here is Murad Amannazarow’s annoncement:


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Porto checklist 1 If using public transport, buy an Andante card () 2 Pick up a copy of the delightfully quirky Stop4Porto guide book at the Lello Bookshop.

Later on, he finally changed it to its definitive form: In , he left Brazil along with Debret to Europe, in order to improve his painting techniques. Also in , he becomes history painting teacher at the Escola Nacional de Belas Artes , in a post that would last until , when he would become a drawing teacher at the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras, and starts doing his first caricatures.

In , he married Ana Paulina Delamare, having with her two children: He was decorated with the Order of Christ and the Order of the Rose. He would publish in this periodic his poem Brasiliana. The magazine, considered the official journal of the Romantic movement in Brazil, lasted until


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The city is the southernmost capital city of a Brazilian state. The vast majority of the population is of European descent. This five-river junction has become an important alluvial port as well as a chief industrial and commercial center of Brazil. In recent years, Porto Alegre hosted the World Social Forum , an initiative of several non-government organizations. The city became famous for being the first city that implemented participatory budgeting.

Previously a safe city for Brazilian standards, Porto Alegre is going through a growing wave of violence [16] in this decade, and it’s now ranked 43rd among the world’s 50 most violent cities [17].

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Share Form and Use of the Modern Pallium The modern pallium is a circular band about two inches wide, worn about the neck, breast, and shoulders, and having two pendants, one hanging down in front and one behind. The pendants are about two inches wide and twelve inches long, and are weighted with small pieces of lead covered with black silk. The remainder of the pallium is made of white wool, part of which is supplied by two lambs presented annually as a tax by the Lateran Canons Regular to the Chapter of St.

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 · Apartments in Porto for Rent Furnished & Serviced Apartments for Rent in Porto. Porto, dating back to B.C., is Portugal’s second largest city and a very distinct and beautiful place – indeed some of the neighbourhoods are World Heritage Sites claimed by ://

Page compiled from visits to the city. Porto is not in the Algarve – I have been visiting! The emphasis is on public transport, partly as it is so efficient and inexpensive and partly as I don’t drive and I am too mean to pay for taxis if there’s an alternative. Metro from the airport runs every 20 minutes for most of the day on weekdays, otherwise 30 minutes every day from about More information at www.

Please note that tickets must be bought from the ticket machines or at the tourist information office. The metro station at the airport is on the surface.

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Vegetation[ edit ] Botanical Garden of Porto Alegre Porto Alegre lies in a transitional area between the subtropical forest and the Southern Brazilian grasslands pampa. A number of conservation programmes have been established here to protect native trees. Many of the city’s avenues have been planted with different tree species. The city is covered in green vegetation and Lapacho and Jacaranda are the main species that can be found here.

The trees from the hills are protected. Two environmental conservation areas can be found in this city:

Dating back to the 17th century, Porto Alegre’s culture has many influences from other countries, including Portugal, Italy, Germany, and Poland. One of the most notable highlights located in Porto Alegre is the Monument to the Azoreans, symbolizing the memory of about sixty Azorean couples who settled in Porto Alegre in

When Brazil declared war against the Axis on August 22, , the aerodrome began to be used intensely by the Allies for military operations related to the World War II. For this reason, international flights were gradually moved to the site of the Air Force Base. The services were however precarious and a decision was made to build a brand new passenger terminal, opposite to the Air Force Base, across the runway.

On February 1, the new passenger terminal was opened and remained in use with enlargements until This terminal is used presently by passenger flights operated by the Brazilian Air Force. The cargo terminal is also located in the area and all-cargo aircraft usually park at its adjoining apron. In that year, its administration was taken over by Infraero , an agency then recently created by the Brazilian government.

Those twice-weekly flights were discontinued in On June 6, in response to the growth of air traffic in Brazil, the Brazilian military government initiated studies concerning the renovation of the airport infrastructure in Brazil. This building is known today as Passenger Terminal 1. One of the features dating from this time is the sultry PA system announcements made by Iris Lettieri , which were featured on National Public Radio. As a consequence, the number of transiting passengers dropped.

Constant efforts were made by the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro to reverse the trend. During the year , Passenger Terminal 1 underwent its first major renovation in preparation for the United Nations Earth Summit held in

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Page checked and updated 2nd January – train and metro fares updated Page compiled from visits to the city. Porto is not in the Algarve – I have been visiting! It is the second city of Portugal, located in the north about miles from Lisbon. The emphasis is on public transport, partly as it is so efficient and inexpensive and partly as I don’t drive and I am too mean to pay for taxis if there’s an alternative.

Metro from the airport runs every 20 minutes for most of the day on weekdays, otherwise 30 minutes every day from about More information at www.

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The town has set up a parallel organisation operating alongside the municipal council, enabling local inhabitants to take real decisions for their city. Especially for the least well-off for whom it offers a way to stake a claim on public funds normally spent on the more prosperous areas of the city. Selection on rather more European lines, however. Facing the gallery, where representatives of the municipality are assembled, shortly to be joined by the mayor, Raul Pont, the candidates on the two competing sides each have three minutes at the microphone to make their case.

We are in the district of Lomba do Pinheiro in Porto Alegre, capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state in Brazil, on the borders of Argentina and Uruguay and known locally as the gaucho state. The purpose of the meeting is to elect two people and two alternates to represent the sector on the participative budget council see box. The atmosphere is at once serious and relaxed. Banners are on display. Half the audience are cheering their champions on, the other half maintaining a dignified silence.

The divisions in the hall are as deep as they are between supporters of the two Porto Alegre football teams, the blues Gremio and the reds Internacional , though political and team allegiances do not coincide. The final count shows more or less equal support for both sides, votes to , so each will have one councillor and one alternate.

The metropolitan area of the city has a population of 1.

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Neoproterozoic volcanic and subvolcanic rhyolitic systems occur in southernmost Brazil. Abstract Neoproterozoic volcanic and subvolcanic rhyolitic systems in southernmost Brazil are correlated with acid magmatism linked to different petrotectonic associations of the Sul-Rio-Grandense Shield. A portion of this volcanism in the Dom Feliciano Belt is associated with the Pelotas Batholith, which resulted from magmatic episodes associated with the Ediacaran post-collisional evolution of southern Brazil.

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