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Guy Tintintininbaum Good one. The person slinging insults forfeits the argument through inability to reply. The exception is the relationship that works out. Ganesh Two takeaways from this: Look at the searing, hate filled racism that oozes through her words here. Everybody has different types of privilege in different ways; and this author here is among the most privileged of all Americans, far more privileged in sum than the white males she scorns. Not just the fact that Asians are far more economically privileged than whites with a far high average household income , but… Imagine a white male writing this. About an asian female, or any female for that matter.

Geologic Hazards and Disasters Research Group

Overview The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today is higher than that at any time in the last , years figure 1. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exchanges dynamically with carbon dissolved in oceans and stored in plants and soils on land figure 3. Changes in atmospheric CO2 clearly must be explained by repartitioning of carbon among these three reservoirs.

I started Angela’s Bangalore from my hotel room on the very first day I moved to India in , while struck with jet lag! It was my very first blog, the country’s very 1st luxury travel blog.

Lesley Stahl is the correspondent. Shari Finkelstein and Jennie Held, producers. It’s always been a dream of mankind to live forever. Since the start of the 20th century, we have increased life expectancy in this country by a remarkable 30 years — from just 49 in , to almost 79 today. And more and more of us are making it into that group we all hope — and kinda dread — joining, the over 90 crowd, affectionately dubbed “the oldest old.

Yet very little is known about the oldest old, since until recently, there were so few of them. So what determines which of us will make it past age 90? What kind of shape we’ll be in if we do? And what can we do now to up our odds? I was born on April 21st, My birthday is February 7th, June 15, , and it was– I’m sure, a lovely day. Do you feel 95? What do you– what age do you feel?

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History[ edit ] View from Memorial Glade of Sather Tower The Campanile , the center of Berkeley—the ring of its bells and clock can be heard from all over campus Main article: History of the University of California, Berkeley In , the private College of California purchased the land comprising the current Berkeley campus. Because it lacked sufficient funds to operate, it eventually merged with the state-run Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College to form the University of California, the first full-curriculum public university in the state.

University of California Press, otherwise known as UC Press, is a publishing house associated with the University of California that engages in academic was founded in to publish books and papers for the faculty of the University of California, established 25 years earlier in Its headquarters are located in Oakland, California.

Killer instinct Daniel A. He has at least eight potential killers in his family tree, among them the notorious Lizzie Borden. Neuroscientist’s research delves into the brain’s dark side It’s a lecture UC Irvine neuroscientist James Fallon has delivered around the world, even on the hit TV show “Criminal Minds. His audiences are fascinated. But a couple years ago, he got a call from a concerned citizen who had watched a video of the lecture: Did you know there are murderers in our family tree?

And it’s the reason Fallon authored the new book, The Psychopath Inside: A cousin had done some sleuthing, and Fallon learned of eight potential killers among his ancestors. They include Thomas Cornell, who was hanged in for murdering his mother.

Many drugs are just fine years after they ‘expire,’ study finds

Honors students benefit from small seminars, individual faculty attention, peer support, and the chance to pursue independent research. They think deeply about the meaning and value of humanistic inquiry and thus actively shape its future while honing their skills as thinkers, writers, and citizens of the world. Humanities Honors students complete a two-part course of study. The sequence is designed to compare and contrast modes of analysis and critical thinking in several disciplines in the Humanities, such as history, literary studies, and philosophy.

In a small seminar setting, students are encouraged to become reflective about their own chosen disciplines.

Corinne Sullivan is an editorial intern at Her Campus. She is in her senior year at Boston College, majoring in English with a Creative Writing Concentration.

Note that smaller sample sizes can be dated at a reduced precision. For more details contact us. It is important to try to avoid storage and packing methodologies that may contaminate your sample. Please follow the guidelines described below: If possible, try to keep samples frozen or dry. We prefer to receive samples in small glass or plastic vials, or wrapped in aluminum foil. If you intend to send samples to us and there is any possibility that somebody could have used 14C tracer in your facility even in the past contact us first.

If necessary we will send you a monitoring kit for swiping your laboratory and suspect areas, to test for tracer contaminations.

Dating & Domestic Violence Awareness Month

By Tiya Miles 1. Last holiday season gave me plenty of food for thought on this all too familiar and often uncomfortable racially-tinged question. One of my male relatives brought home a date for Thanksgiving who could have been Barbie’s twin sister. She was blonde, thin, big-bosomed, and even had a Germanic name. She was probably very nice; but I cannot say for sure.

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For sex offenses off campus, the police in the city where the crime occurred should be contacted. In addition, UC Irvine Police can arrange for medical evidentiary examinations in order to provide admissible evidence when the person reporting a sex offense desires prosecution through the criminal justice system. The UC Irvine Police Department encourage members of the University community, including students, to immediately contact them by dialing or to report a sex offense.

The preservation of evidence is essential to the successful prosecution of a sex offense. UC Irvine Police Department personnel have been specially trained in the proper handling, identification, collection and preservation of such evidence. Irvine, CA Phone: CARE, in collaboration with the Victim Advocate, coordinates accompaniment services for student victims to the police, evidentiary exams and the court system.

Reflections from a White Woman on Dating An Indian Man

The Fastcase platform provides access to primary law, treatises, bar publications and more. The Fastcase collection includes cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, and constitutions. GenderWatch supports gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender GLBT studies; family studies; gender studies, and women’s studies with a unique interdisciplinary approach. Combining hundreds of academic, gray, and popular literature titles, GenderWatch provides researchers with hundreds of thousands of articles on wide-ranging topics like sexuality, religion, societal roles, feminism, masculinity, eating disorders, day care, and the workplace.

Harvard University is the standard by which all other research universities are measured. No school in recent history has challenged its position as the world’s premier academic institution. It is the oldest school in the world’s richest nation, and has capitalized on the benefits this grants.

You might even have some pain relievers, some cough syrup or some sleeping pills that were purchased back when Richard Nixon was in the White House. Researchers from those institutions decided to satisfy their curiosity by testing the effectiveness of eight drugs that had been sitting around, unopened, in pharmacies for years after they had supposedly gone bad. These drugs were not just a few years past their prime, these medications were a full 28 to 40 years past their official expiration dates.

The eight drugs contained a total of 15 active ingredients. The tablets and capsules were dissolved and subjected to chemical analysis using a mass spectrometer. That revealed how much of the active ingredients remained in the pills. The expiration date on a drug is usually one to five years after it was manufactured. They noted that the Shelf-Life Extension Program allows drugs in federal stockpiles to be retained for up to months after their stated expiration date if tests show they are still potent.

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August People at UCI are, generally speaking, very open and accepting towards students from all backgrounds. Most of the students at UCI are really friendly, and won’t discriminate based on race and such things. African names are not the only weird ones out there that’s for sure, and this isn’t elementary school, so you probably won’t be made fun of because of your name.

Somehow, despite what I’ve personally observed, UCI has been making a name for itself lately as a somewhat racially insensitive place to be Second racial incident at UC Irvine roils campus – Los Angeles Times Of course, these incidents don’t define the school as a whole, but if I were African or African American, I’d be concerned over the potential unrest that comes out of these situations

The following script is from “90+” which aired on May 4, Lesley Stahl is the correspondent. Shari Finkelstein and Jennie Held, producers.

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University of California, Berkeley

White men more likely to date interracially than white women Quote: Recent studies move beyond analyses of black and white relationships to examine the place of newer immigrant groups in the racial hierarchy Qian ; Yancey ; Lee and Bean ; Qian and Lichter Many scholars suggest that blacks remain at the greatest social distance from whites, and that racism towards blacks is more entrenched and pernicious than for Asians and Latinos Massey and Denton ; Herring and Amissah ; Feliciano ; 2 We note that our view of assimilation is not a normative one; that is, we are not arguing that assimilation is necessarily something that should happen.

Instead, we use the term assimilation analytically, to describe the process through which European immigrant groups became integrated into U.

A blue & golden anniversary — As UC Irvine turns 50, the campus community celebrates a ‘bright past’ while anticipating a ‘brilliant future.’ ‘A great day to be an Anteater’ — President Barack Obama connects the ‘Zots!’ at a historic all-graduate commencement.

Such is a result of freshman camp counselors, both male and female counselors, getting naked. In the second incident, female counselors lifted their shirts for campers, while several male counselors mooned campers and other male counselors stood by naked, with only socks or hats covering themselves. In addition, one counselor urinated on herself during a talent show skit, the report says. The disciplinary report indicated that counselor nudity was nothing new going back as far as The report also expressed concern that counselor nudity could potentially be considered as a form of sexual harassment.

Although no harassment charges had been filed or represented a clear and present danger of filing, the powers that be felt that the prudent thing to do was to close the camp down. As for students who attended Freshman camp this past summer, one camper framed the situation in the following terms in a letter to Union Leader. I was very taken aback by the above article as I have myself went to camp this past summer.

The activities that took place may have gotten slightly out of hand, but were not like this article describes. I got to know many of the counselors personally and I highly doubt that they would not want to cooperate with the administration and devise a board to side step the university. I met the people I feel most comfortable with today at camp and I truly believe it is because the counselors were able to help break the ice by acting foolish themselves so we might all have something to talk about.

And another student commented- I would wonder exactly what kind of reporting goes on at the Union Leader, reading this newspaper. I attended freshman camp, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I had at UNH. Furthermore, I can report NO nudity whatsoever during my stay at the camp.

University of California Press

History[ edit ] View from Memorial Glade of Sather Tower The Campanile , the center of Berkeley—the ring of its bells and clock can be heard from all over campus Main article: History of the University of California, Berkeley In , the private College of California purchased the land comprising the current Berkeley campus. Because it lacked sufficient funds to operate, it eventually merged with the state-run Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College to form the University of California, the first full-curriculum public university in the state.

Ten faculty members and almost 40 students made up the new University of California when it opened in Oakland in Billings was a trustee of the College of California and suggested that the college be named in honor of the Anglo-Irish philosopher George Berkeley.

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Research Methods Beyond course work, some additional requirements for teacher certification are described below. The UCI School of Education must verify completion of all requirements for the teaching credential and then recommend that the credential be awarded to a candidate by the CTC. Additional Requirements for Teacher Certification. In addition to the required course work for a California Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential, the following additional requirements must be satisfied: However, students must earn a grade of C or better in each of the following courses in order to be recommended for the Preliminary Single Subject Credential: Although secondary teachers are only required to pass the CSET exam in one discipline, those who pass the CSET exam in more than one disciplinary field e.

For more information visit the CSET exam website. Mathematics majors have an option to waive the CSET exam by completing prescribed course work, referred to as a subject-matter preparation program SMPP. Secondary school science teachers in California are expected to have a broad range of general science knowledge in additional to their discipline of specialization, because their Single Subject Teaching Credential in one of the sciences also authorizes them to teach classes in general or integrated science.

The general science subtests of the CSET exam cover foundational topics in astronomy, geodynamics, Earth resources, ecology, genetics and evolution, molecular biology and biochemistry, cell and organismal biology, waves, forces and motion, electricity and magnetism, heat transfer and thermodynamics, and structure and properties of matter. Obtain a Certificate of Clearance from the State of California. Obtain a TB test with negative results.

The following must be completed and verified before the School of Education is able to recommend an individual for the Preliminary Single Subject Credential:

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