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Bloomberg via Getty Images President Donald Trump speaks Wednesday to the commission he created on “election integrity. The failing nytimes writes false story after false story about me. They don’t even call to verify the facts of a story. A Fake News Joke! Trump realDonaldTrump June 28, The failing nytimes writes total fiction concerning me. So why, then, does Trump continue to give the Times so much access, perhaps only rivaling that which he gives Fox News? Once you get something for pre-existing conditions, etc. But what it does, Maggie, it means it gets tougher and tougher. As they get something, it gets tougher. So pre-existing conditions are a tough deal.

The New York Times’ Bizarre Attempt to Portray Donald Trump as ‘More Accepting on Gay Issues’

Adult Lap Swim July 5 — August 31, During the summer, we offer free lap swim hours at some of our free outdoor pools. Adult lap swim hours give fitness-minded adults the chance to take to the water without interruption from other swimmers. Participants who swim 25 miles or more over the summer will receive a free t-shirt and prizes will be awarded to the top three male and female distance swimmers at each pool program.

July – August Night Owl: July , ends at dusk August Registration Process Registration for the summer lap swim program will take place online.

Sep 11,  · Rush Limbaugh says last week’s op-ed in The New York Times by an anonymous White House official may be a “made up” composite piece by numerous people. The .

By Mollie Hemingway October 2, Having failed to corroborate any allegations of rape against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, The New York Times is now preparing to smear him for organizing party planning and logistics more than 30 years ago. This comes on the heels of a blockbuster Times report alleging that Kavanaugh might have thrown ice at someone at some point in the s. The Times is calling around to classmates asking them about a letter Kavanaugh allegedly wrote to a classmate to organize a week at the beach during the s, according to multiple sources.

The tongue-in-cheek note, infused with inside jokes, said they should talk to neighbors of the property ahead of time and give them a heads up that a party would be hosted there and that alcohol and obnoxious students would be involved. It would probably be a good idea on Sat. Kavanaugh openly discussed needing to maintain order to prevent the festivities from getting out of control.

The letter was apparently shared with Georgetown Prep alumni years later as an example of the camaraderie and shared hijinks of Kavanaugh and his classmates. One person told The Federalist that the letter was shared as an homage to Kavanaugh, who even then was seen as the most organized individual in a school full of them. He described his friend set as having a good reputation with women at neighboring schools, a view confirmed by many female contemporaries who have signed letters in praise of Kavanaugh.

Did he drink beer? Yes, but absolutely he was one of the most reserved and conservative guys in the whole group. The article revealed inside jokes about a friend of Kavanaugh and his classmates named Renate Schroeder Dolphin. The classmates themselves, however, strenuously insist that the reference was nothing of the kind and that none of the men had sexual relations with the friend.

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New York City Subway The city that never sleeps might end up with a subway system that does. Think about New York City life if the mile subway system were to grind to a halt at Round-the-clock subway service is not only a key part of New York City life. An influential think tank has proposed ending hour subway service in New York City to make much-needed repairs. Knowing the upgrades would wreak havoc on the system, Cuomo dubbed the period the “Summer of Hell.

Oct 17,  · The New York Times. Well | Get Up. Get Out. Don’t Sit. Search. Subscribe Now Log In 0 Settings. Close search When Dr. Wilmot asked a group of volunteers recently to reduce their daily sitting time by an hour, “they came up with lots of ideas,” she says, including “putting the garbage bin on the other side of the office.

Your rent is what you pay per rentable square foot per year. Expert rent negotiation can save you thousands of dollars every month. Free Rent Some landlords will offer months at the start of a lease term. We know how and when to ask for this to get you the best deal and the breathing room you need. Sublease and Assignment Clause This is a provision that gives you the ability to maneuver should you wish to shrink, grow or merge.

This clause is a minefield.

6 Powerful Reasons to Legalize Marijuana, From the New York Times

Rivals with the Egyptian Crowns. They got name from an Italian hero, warrior and soldier who lived in NY around the ‘s, Giuseppe Garibaldi they mistakenly called him”Gary Baldi” , whose bronze statue -made by Giovanni Turini- is located in Washington Square Park in Manhattan, ever since The Fordham Baldies had many brutal rumbles with the Harlem Redwings. The Baldies had white jackets–I think their name was also in gold.

The Baldies’ girlfriends had cardigans in white. Inside the school, Evander Childs H.

The New York Times special Education section Sunday soft-pedaled the authoritarian left-wing movements afoot on many college campuses, including the violence black-bloc “anti-fascist” movement New York Times Helps Antifa Soften Up Harmful Violent Stereotypes.

Sullivan, legal case in which, on March 9, , the U. On February 25, 35 students from the all-black Alabama State College sought service in a snack bar in the basement of the Montgomery County Courthouse. They were rebuffed and arrested. The following day Governor John Patterson, who was ex officio chairman of the state board of education, demanded the expulsion of the students from the public college.

While state and Montgomery police stood by, bat-wielding members of the Ku Klux Klan assaulted the students. The attack went unpunished even though the Montgomery Advertiser ran pictures of the incident, with several members of the mob clearly identified. A group including veteran civil rights activists Bayard Rustin , A.

Phillip Randolph, and Harry Emerson Fosdick determined to take out a full-page ad in the Times that would not only condemn the violence in Montgomery but also raise funds for the larger cause of civil rights. Rustin wanted the ad to be hard-hitting, and he told the author, John Murray , to add the names of prominent people as endorsers to make it more appealing. When Murray protested that those people had not been contacted for permission to use their names, Rustin assured him that there would be no problem, since they had all been involved in the movement and had lent their names previously.

The ad named no individuals and made no reference to any officeholder but painted a damaging picture of police forces in the South, which were in fact earning a reputation for their brutality in dealing with civil rights demonstrators. Rustin and his colleagues chose the Times because of its prestige and large readership. They directed their ad not at the South but at white, progressive, intellectual leaders in the North.

Among the people in Alabama who read the ad was Merton Roland Nachman, the foremost libel lawyer in Montgomery and one of the best in the state.

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Locations in New York City By Renato Barucco Getty Hordes of gay and bi-curious men scan the city with mobile apps in the ever-appealing quest for a date, a hookup, or a husband. That’s hardly news, but what are the most fruitful and time-efficient neighborhoods? I spoke to 50 men who use location-based mobile apps all over the city. According to them, these are the five neighborhoods to geo-socially explore when urges arise.

This post is only semi-serious; everybody calm down.

The New York Times’ unprecedented growth was reportedly “buoyed by readers’ intense interest in the presidential election,” Sydney Ember, a New York Times media reporter wrote (paywall).

Although the first best seller list in America was published in , in The Bookman , a best seller list was not published in The New York Times until 36 years later with little fanfare on October 12, Dalton , Crown Books , and Waldenbooks came to the forefront with a business model of selling newly published best-sellers with mass-market appeal.

They used the best-selling status of titles to market the books and not just as a measure of sales, thus placing increased emphasis on the New York Times list for book readers and book sellers. Some books are flagged with a dagger indicating that a significant number of bulk orders had been received by retail bookstores.

Even in the Book Review itself, we don’t know the news surveys department’s precise methods. The lists have been subdivided several times. It was created because advice best-sellers were sometimes crowding the general non-fiction list. In September , the paperback fiction list was divided into “trade” and “mass-market” sections, in order to give more visibility to the trade paperbacks that were more often reviewed by the newspaper itself.

In addition a third new list was published on the web only, which tracks combined print sales hardcover and paperback in fiction and nonfiction. In December 16, , the children’s chapter books list was divided into two new lists: Criticisms[ edit ] The list has been criticized by authors, publishers, book industry executives, and others for not providing an accurate accounting of true best-seller status.

This is because the best-seller list reflects sales in a given week, not total sales. Thus, one book may sell heavily in a given week, making the list, while another may sell at a slower pace, never making the list, but selling more copies over time. By including wholesalers in the polls along with retail bookstores, books may be double-counted.

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Manage your account ABCya is the leader in free educational computer games and mobile apps for kids. The innovation of a grade school teacher, ABCya is an award-winning destination for elementary students that offers hundreds of fun, engaging learning activities. Millions of kids, parents, and teachers visit ABCya. Our educational games are easy to use and classroom friendly, with a focus on the alphabet, numbers, shapes, storybooks, art, music, holidays and much more!

Our educational games are easy to use and classroom friendly, with a focus on the alphabet, numbers, shapes, storybooks, keyboarding, money, patterns, art, matching, holidays and much more! Our educational games are easy to use and classroom friendly, with a focus on the sight words, spelling, storybooks, addition and subtraction, place value, money, art, music, holidays and much more!

The paper is close to ending a long, contentious debate over whether to stay free or move to a paid content model online.

This allowed for casual hookups to become a more common occurrence in the teen and young adult dating experience. The emerging movie industry furthered progress in the rebellion against Victorian era morals because films started depicting women owning their sexuality, a trend that has continued into current cinema. Sexual revolution[ edit ] During the sexual revolution in the United States and Europe in the s and s, social attitudes to sexual issues underwent considerable changes.

The advent of “the pill” and other forms of birth control , the Women’s Liberation movement, and the legalization of abortion in many countries are believed to have led to a wider practice of casual sex. Younger generations are encouraged by their elders to only engage in sexual activity only if it is within the bounds of marriage and is for procreative purposes. Also, marriage is defined in quite different ways in different cultures, for example, with “short-term marriage” see Nikah mut’ah a cover for prostitution, or polygamy.

New York City’s 24-Hour Subway Service Could End, Ruining Lives, Under Proposal

Although the team did not improve on their 10—6 mark from , the Giants were able to qualify for the playoffs and won Super Bowl XLVI , marking the fourth time in team history that they won a Super Bowl. Many analysts predicted a rough year for the Giants. New York finished 10—6 in but failed to qualify for the playoffs due to not having any tiebreakers over any NFC playoff team. The Giants entered their week 17 match up with the Cowboys with both teams tied for the division lead with 8—7 records.

I’m a feminist, and believe that everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want. And yet, in my own life, going to a bar alone feels unseemly.

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Why the Trump-Cohen tape is a big deal CNN President Donald Trump aggressively defended his personal lawyer Saturday morning after The New York Times reported on Trump’s sometimes poor treatment of the attorney, Michael Cohen, who the newspaper said might ultimately cooperate with federal officials investigating him. In a series of tweets peppered with insults against the Times’ White House correspondent, Maggie Haberman, and her sourcing, Trump wrote that she and the newspaper “are going out of their way to destroy Michael Cohen and his relationship with me in the hope that he will ‘flip.

Sorry, I don’t see Michael doing that despite the horrible Witch Hunt and the dishonest media! Beyond that I have no comment. The New York Times defended its reporting team in a Saturday morning tweet, directly noting Haberman’s role as part of a team that, just this week, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in National Reporting for its coverage of Russian interference in the presidential election. We stand by our story and our reporting.

The author of the op-ed complained about “instability” from Trump in the White House, reporting that there were “whispers” in the cabinet as they considered invoking the 25th Amendment to oust the president. Trump challenged the New York Times to give up the identity of the author for the.

Close This is New York in the not-so-distant future Even locals who believe climate change is real have a hard time grasping that their city will almost certainly be flooded beyond recognition. A speculative rendering showing what a hundred-year storm could briefly do to the Meatpacking District decades from now, when sea levels have risen several feet.

Jacob has a white beard and a ponderous accent: Imagine if Werner Herzog happened to be a renowned expert on disaster risk. For the past 15 years or so, Jacob has been primarily preoccupied with a more existential danger: The latest scientific findings suggest that a child born today in this island metropolis may live to see the waters around it swell by six feet, as the previously hypothetical consequences of global warming take on an escalating — and unstoppable — force.

Areas that never had flash floods will start to experience them, in part because global warming will also increase precipitation. High tides will spill over old bulkheads when there is a full moon. People will start carrying galoshes to work. All the commercial skyscrapers, housing, cultural institutions that currently sit near the waterline will be forced to contend with routine inundation.

And cataclysmic floods will become more common, because, to put it simply, if the baseline water level is higher, every storm surge will be that much stronger. Like a stumbling boxer, the city will try to keep its guard up, but the sea will only gain strength. But Jacob began trying to sound the alarm about the risk more than a decade ago.

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